18 July 2024 - Aug 2024 | Johannesburg to Cape Town
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Happy Mandela Day

It is because of Nelson Mandela that we have started the Long Ride To Freedom to honour his legacy of of purpose, passion, values and education. This journey from Johannesburg to Cape town, is not about Mandela but about bringing the Madiba out in all of us. We’re not waiting for someone to lead us, we’re waiting for ourselves and the only thing stopping us is the fear that we cannot do it which is why we have planned this trip of self discovery – to discover just how powerful you really are.

As we journey down the coast, we will share our experiences with others to help plant small seeds that will liberate their own minds of the fears that hold them back from being who they truly want to be in this lifetime, not who others expect them to be.

Our goal with the Long Ride To Freedom is three-fold.

  1. Help people overcome their own fears who in turn will liberate others as they share their journey.
  2. Educate people about the digital world of disruption and how they can use it to take ownership of their own lives.
  3. Help guide humanity to navigate the perilous digital disruption landscape and use technology to return us to our core values and principles.

People are waking up at an alarming rate at what we’re doing to the planet that supports us and often times feel as though there is nothing they can do about it. Our goal is educate people and teach them how to, ironically, use technology to slow down their lives and clean up the planet in the process.

As much as the Long Walk To Freedom was a story about one man’s mission to free his people, it was also about his own inner journey to free himself of his own mind of the thoughts that limited him. This is what the Long Ride To Freedom is about.

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