A digital education journey to encourage collaboration over competition

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ~ Nelson Mandela


The Long Ride To Freedom is an awareness campaign to help prepare people for the Fourth Industrial Revolution so that they can take ownership of their own lives in the face of mass joblessness due to digital disruption.

Trust will be at the heart of the message we carry. Trust in ecommerce to create jobs that will clean up our planet, trust in Blockchain technology to free ourselves of greed and trust in our fellow human being so that we can come together and clean up the mess of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions.

Follow the four-strong recce riders collecting data, taking photos and videos to plan the Long Ride To Freedom in September.

Day 15 – A mega thank you.

Kurt Stemmert, Shanel Munger, Ian Privett and Mark Lawson. The four Recce Riders who cycled 2830km to ensure the annual Long Ride To Freedom is a success. There are no words that can express our gratitude to the team of Recce Riders who cycled the 2830km ride and others who helped plan the Long Ride…

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Day 9 – July 26th – Rest Day for the Recce Riders

It was rest day today for the Recce Riders organizing the annual Long Ride To Freedom in honour of Nelson Mandela’s legacy. The team washed clothes, walked the beach, cleaned and tuned their bicycles and enjoyed a short tandem ride as if they were not tired enough after 1200km of cycling from Johannesburg to Cape…

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Day 8 – July 25th – Queenstown to Port Alfred and what the Innovation Villages might look like

The Long Ride To Freedom Recce Riders stopped off today in Queenstown, South Africa after cycling 1200km to collect information for the annual ride.

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Day 7 – July 24th – Port St Johns – Queenstown

The recce riders planning the Long Ride To Freedom, were hit by severe wind today and decided to take the day off and get some good rest in. In the meantime, we wrote to SpaceX today asking them to keep an eye on the Decentralised Sustainable Innovation Village progress we’re going to build. With a…

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Day 6 – July 23nd – 172km – Kokstad to Port St Johns

The recce team cycling 2830kms from Johannesburg to Cape Town to plan the Long Ride To Freedom in September had an incredible ride yesterday. From the storms that were brewing on Windy.com we thought they might be in for a tough day but it turned out one of their best days yet as they rolled…

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Day 5 – July 22nd – 225km – Durban to Kokstad

Day 5 – July 22nd – Durban to Kokstad – At 170kms and 3000m of climbing our tough recce rider Shanel Munger had to call it a day after feeling a little woozy and tired. To be expected when you have ridden so hard four days on end. You’re a legendress Shanel, a true inspiration…

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Day 4 – July 21st – 233km- Ulundi to Durban

Day 4 – 21 July 2019 – 233Km – Today was an easier ride for the recce team compared to the crosswinds of yesterday but it was a long ride due to the team’s Garmin not being accurate and not showing them clear directions so they had to back-peddle 3 times to get back on…

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Day 3 – July 20th – 233km eMkhondo, MP (Piet Retief) to Ulundi

Day 3 – 20 July 2019 – 233Km – we have 545 weeks left until 1 January 2030 to make significant changes to our planet and this is what the recce team is helping us achieve – creating awareness! With the information collected, we will ride the Long Ride To Freedom again in September and…

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Day 2 – July 19th – 200km Standerton to Piet Retief

Day 2 and the Recce Riders organising the Long Ride To Freedom hit the road this morning at -3 degrees Celsius from Standerton to Piet Retief – a distance of 200km! The mission: to gather intel, raise money for Innovation Villages, take photos and have lots of fun! Along the way, they had a quick…

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Day 1 – July 18th – 118km to Suikerbosrand to Standerton

Today the Recce Riders, organising the Long Ride to Freedom, hit the road from Suikerbosrand to Standerton on the Leaderless Long Ride To Freedom – a distance of 118km. A legendary musician by the name of Johnny Clegg, sadly passed away and in honour of the great work he did to break down the barriers…

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Whether you want to cycle, motorbike or four wheel the ride, we have a spot for you. Join the Long Ride To Freedom and help us transform South Africa into the country leading the way of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


About The Long Ride To Freedom

A dedication to Nelson Mandela Day to keep his legacy of purpose, passion and values alive. The Long Ride To Freedom is a metaphor for life's ups and downs as we face and overcome small fears every day to free us and help us reach our highest potential.

In setting our minds free of fear, we can come up with new and innovative ways of preparing for the digital age of disruption, where robots, automation and artificial intelligence and more will replace jobs.

The funds we raise in the project will be used to build self Decetralized Sustainable Innovation Villages for social entrepreneurs who will create the jobs of the future and to educate other South Africans about technologies that will clean up our planet.

The ride will take place from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 2019 with a date to be a announced soon.

If you want to get involved, please make contact with us below or subscribe to our newsletter.

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