18 July 2024 - Aug 2024 | Johannesburg to Cape Town
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Why Decentralised Innovation Villages?

We have enough technology and know-how now to do anything ourselves – to build a village from the ground up. All it takes is sheer grit to get it done. The purpose of the villages is to teach extreme ownership of our own lives and not wait but to get things done ourselves.

We’re going to use our profits to build our own homes, schools, and universities.

These villages will be built for 150 Social Entrepreneurs – the number of people one can have meaningful relationships with. Entrepreneurs who use their profits for purpose – not because they have to, because they want to. Because they have seen beyond the brand labels we chase that end up in our rivers, oceans, and atmosphere. Because they are conscious enough to know they are enough.

These villages will encourage collaboration over competition and move away from the current way of thinking that destroys our planet to manifest a new vision for the future.

See The Progress We Have Made

Food Security

The very first thing we will do is grow our own food, move to alternative foods such as vegetables, cultured meat, vegetables, and edible insects to do whatever we can to save what precious little we have of our environment.

That which we cannot grow ourselves, we will bring in direct from the farmers using ecommerce.

Be The Business That Kills Your Business

Collaboratively, we will work together to consistently and peacefully disrupt an outdated way of thinking. Not because we are malicious but because we are out of time. Our only job now is to protect our environment and use our time to reconnect with one another and regenerate our planet.

We will move from a mindset of Gross Domestic Product to the Happiness Index.

Decentralisation Of Commerce

We’re going to decentralise commerce so that more people have more opportunities. We would not be in this place if we have had a more equalitarian world. It will never be perfect but it is a mindset we will change from within these villages for the youth to leave with a more balanced view of the world.

150 Social Entrepreneurs

150 People per village made up of digital agencies who will change the story, Educare teachers, food growers and planners, innovators, and content creators. That is how we are going to pull off the greatest peaceful disruption ever to shift power back into the hands of the people.

Mindful Primary Schools

What does the world look like beyond the idea of extraction where kids are taught to be creative, extract raw materials from under our Earth and then turn them into products that pollute our water and our air?

At the mindful primary schools, we will build, we will always begin with the end in mind and teach minimalism so kids know the difference between want and need and not to feed the mindless marketing engines of the world polluting our planet in the name of profit.

School Of Skills

This is where the youth will be taught how to build their own villages, how to 3D print the world they want to manifest. From woodwork to welding to 3D printing to robotics to chemistry where they will be taught how to disrupt the pharmaceutical Martin Shkreli’s of the world.

Online Universities

From the ground up, we will build our own small online universities local communities can attend. At the rapid change the Earth is shifting, degrees are becoming a thing of the past as companies snap up creative thinkers.

We’re not saying don’t get a degree, we’re just saying, “if you already have a roof over your head, food in your stomach and an internet connection – why race?”

It’s time we’re selling at Leaderless.

Innovation Hubs

This is where the technologies of the future come together. Our entire goal is to use technology within these villages to automate absolutely everything and remove the mundane, soul-killing jobs that we should rather be using time regenerating our planet.

We will do as little harm as possible to every piece of land to ensure that nature comes first.