18 July 2024 - Aug 2024 | Johannesburg to Cape Town
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Purpose Of The Long Ride To Freedom

Digital agencies are using their profits for purpose and collaborating with mindful and heartful networks to build decentralised sustainable innovation villages following a 3000km fiber optic journey from Johannesburg to Cape Town called the Long Ride To Freedom.

We will use our skills and change the narrative of the status quo. We will use our digital know-how and our emotional intelligence to guide humanity down a path where more people benefit and not only a few.

The Long Ride To Freedom is about an external journey but it is very much about an internal journey to bring out the best in people. To face and overcome one small fear every day towards love.

From Johannesburg to Cape Town we will raise awareness about our need to collaborate in the face of joblessness to automation and a planet we need to regenerate very fast.

Where we used to serve the idea of Gross Domestic Product that’s now suffocating our planet, we’re going to peacefully disrupt and old way of thinking and take back power – in essence, we’re disrupting ourselves in order to give more people opportunities and serve a Happiness Index instead of GDP.

Who started the Long Ride To Freedom

Non of our profits matter if we have scorched the Earth.

The Long Ride to Freedom was started by Leaderless — a social enterprise of mindful digital agencies to teach people how to use technology and take ownership of their own lives. Collectively we will come from a place of universal human values that will be taught from the decentralised innovation villages we are going to build along this 3000km fiber optic route.

Leaderless does not belong to any one person. It will belong to the mindful children of the world who will disrupt the adults because they have to continue living on this planet.

We're putting into action two famous leader's quotes:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

To continue Mandela’s incredible legacy of hope and courage for the world.  We will, without fail, consciously manifest an environment that is free of crime, poverty, and prejudice.

For the first time in our lives, we have enough technology capable of closing the gap between the rich and the poor. To remove mundane mindless jobs that kill our souls and in their place allow people to be of service again to humanity.

We will travel down the coast of South Africa along the fiber route and educate people, informing them of technologies that are here, what they need to learn and how they can use technology to bypass corruption and greed.

Encouraging collaboration over competition is the only way that we will be able to survive in a world where robots, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, automation, 3D printing and more will remove jobs as we know them.

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What The Funds Will Be Used For

We’re building Decentralized Sustainable Innovation Villages along the coast of South Africa where social entrepreneurs can live and teach other people how to use their profits for purpose to give meaning to more people’s lives.

Educational talks will be hosted along the route in towns where we will invite the students of the school, local farmers, ecommerce developers, investors, and local tourism offices.

In collaboration with the Fiber Council Of South Africa, the Fellows Of Fire the Ecommerce Forum Africa, and the Ubuntu Human Values and Advocacy Group, these Hubs will be built along the fiber route of South Africa. It will ensure that Social Entrepreneurs have all the access to the internet they need to be able to create jobs. Help clean up the mess we made in the first, second, and third industrial revolutions.

Help us raise the funds we need to build the first pilot decentralised sustainable innovation village

Fundraising Goal: R5.5m

We’re raising R5.5 million for the land where we want to build the first pilot decentralized sustainable innovation village in Cape Town South Africa.