An open invitation to all cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of all the weird and wonderful vehicles out there. Join the Long Ride To Freedom journey from Johannesburg to Cape Town to raise awareness about our need to collaborate as we head straight into a world of potential joblessness due to technology disruption in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Long Ride to Freedom was started by Leaderless — a disruptive education platform teaching people how to take ownership of their own lives using the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Inspired by Nelson Mandela, we want to continue his incredible message of hope and courage for a South Africa that will, without fail, live in an environment that is free of crime, poverty and prejudice.

For the first time in our lives, we have technologies capable of closing the gap between the rich and the poor as the earth becomes incredibly disrupted. Our goal is to travel down the coast of South Africa along the fibre route and educate people about the technologies that are coming, what they need to learn and how they can take ownership of their own lives.

We will encourage collaboration over competition as this is the only way that we will be able to survive in a world where robots, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation and 3D printing and more will remove jobs as we know them.

2800 Kilometers may seem  a long way, but you will blink and it will be done and you will wish for it all over again. The same with life, so slow down and enjoy the journey.



James van der Hoven runs Leaderless, the Non Profit Company that teaches people how to use the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to take extreme ownership of their own lives.

A public speaker and education enthusiast, James will join the journey to ensure more South Africans are made aware of the changes happening around us.


Mark Lawson owns and runs Cycle The Cape; a cycling company specialising in tours in South Africa, Lesoth and Botswana. Mark has years of experience and has graciously offered up his time to help organise this event.


Lebohang Likhojane is a public speaker and owner of SmartSentials.co.za. Lebo's goals are to continue to grow his business and help more Social Entrepreneurs to launch their own online businesses.

As public speaker, Lebo will hold talks in many of South Africa's languages to reach a wider population.


Alastair Tempest is the CEO of the Ecommerce Forum Africa. Alastair joins the team to speak about Ecommerce and the potential for new jobs created out of the industry.