A digital education journey to encourage collaboration over competition

Be a volunteer

Leaderless, the Non Profit Company organising this event has one simple message.

"Do not wait on poor service delivery, get it done yourself."

We're going to make South Africa THE most collaborative country in the world and what better place to begin with than volunteering? Nelson Mandela Day taught us to give an hour of our time every year, we're extending that time to a month, and then a year and then to the habit of second nature - as it was always meant to be. We need your help to make every ride, every year, a great success!

We need people to support the riders to make sure they arrive safely, we need accommodation providers to improve tourism in South Africa, we need school halls to speak at, software developers to help us bypass expensive supermarkets and organisations of all walks of life to make sure we create the vision Mandela had for our country.

If you would like to help, please contact us on the form below and tell us where you are from and where you would like to help.