Looking for Ecommerce Social Entrepreneurial Leaders

The WordPress/WooCommerce Community is incredibly well known for its meetups and collaborative spirit. So we're calling on all WooCommerce developers to join our talks to come to hear how we plan to build Decentralised Innovation Villages for Ecommerce Leaders like you.

People who have serious, serious, serious grit. People who are willing to build a village from the ground up.

Your mission! To cut out expensive supermarkets, fight corruption, clean up the planet, and above all. Have fun doing it.

We'll find the funding for the land. We're going to give that land to Social Entrepreneurial Leaders who understand that purpose over profit and collaboration over competition is how we will weather the storms of digital change. And, people who understand that beyond their own egos, they are there to help people pivot and shift into new jobs fast.

About the villages

150 Is the number of people one can have meaningful relationships with. These villages will be built with that rough number in mind.

Each village will be broken up into the rule of 33%.

33% of the people will have the following skillsets. Blockchain, Ecommerce, Logistics, Customer Support.

33% of the people will ensure that we are as self-sustaining as possible with the following skillsets. Internet Of Things, Vertical Farming, Water creation, and preservation.

33% of the people will be content creators. People who will market and tell the story of how we came together to and showed South Africans what it took to create a new story. A story that broke us free from the cycle of drama we consistently find ourselves in.

A story of incredible hope.

More details will be revealed when you join the talks in your town, so do join us.