Building the team to execute this journey

The route has been ridden. Data has already been collected. The next exercise is to build a team of cyclists, motorcyclists and four wheeled enthusiasts willing to put their time and effort into this journey to make it happen.

Pedal Power comes to mind because of their extensive experience to organise cycling events and we have already approached RETZA to see if they can join from the motorcycling front. We next need a four wheeled club member willing to help us manage the team.

From there we will need the following:

  • Sponsors to help make this journey a reality.
    Ideally, these sponsors will be people who truly understand that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a major problem in terms of potential job losses and see the dire need for collaboration.
  • Riders.
    We’d like riders from all over the country as well as overseas riders to boost tourism and to help spread the word. This journey is about the individual and their own personal journey of ups and downs to break through their own fears but it is also about connecting people in every town that we visit, building bridges and educating them about the digital world we are heading into and what they need to do to shift their thinking and create new opportunities so that we can avoid mass unemployment.

If you would like to get involved in any way, we would appreciate hearing from you. Email us below.

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