Day 8 – July 25th – Queenstown to Port Alfred and what the Innovation Villages might look like

80km/h Gusts of winds were too crazy to cycle into yesterday so out of necessity and to remain on schedule, the Long Ride To Freedom Recce Riders packed up their gear and drove to Queenstown. When the winds died down, Ian and Mark cycled the last 20kms into Queenstown where they managed to get some good rest after 1232km of cycling from Johannesburg to Queenstown. Their mission is to plan the route so that we can safely ride this journey every year and so that we can quickly help an entire country move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and show people how to use technology to take extreme ownership of their own lives.

See their photos below.

We don't have time to waste, we have 544 weeks to make significant changes to our planet before 1 January 2030. To speed up the process of building the Innovation Villages we want to build we have decided to build them made of shipping containers. They are quick to assemble are modular enough to convert them into any shape of building we want and we can move them if needs be.

150 Social Entrepreneurs will live at these Innovation Villages. 150 Is Professor Dunbar's number of how many people we can have meaningful relationships with. The land will be given to the Social Entrepreneurs on the condition that they use their profits for purpose to educate and feed many more people so that we can pivot an entire country into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

At Leaderless, the Non Profit Organization planning this ride, we have one word at the heart of every project we will always come back to - education. Rooted deeper, we go down to the core of our humanity.

We have partnered with Modular Africa to help us with these Innovation Villages and below are some ideas of what the homes for the Social Entrepreneurs might look like. Central to each of the villages will be an Innovation Hub where the local community can come and learn new skills to help prepare for digital disruption.

Also central to these villages will be a Spark School to cater for the children of the local community.


The Recce Riders taking a well deserved break after cycling for more than 1200km to gather information for the annual Long Ride To Freedom so that we can quickly help an entire nation move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.