18 July 2024 - Aug 2024 | Johannesburg to Cape Town
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Day 4 – July 21st – 233km- Ulundi to Durban

Day 4 – 21 July 2019 – 233Km – Today was an easier ride for the recce team compared to the crosswinds of yesterday but it was a long ride due to the team’s Garmin not being accurate and not showing them clear directions so they had to back-peddle 3 times to get back on track. Ending up in Durban about 40kms from their actual destination at Illovo Beach.

There was hugging, smiles, coffee, beautiful scenery and we think Kurt was trying the Madiba Dance at some stage…we think!

On this journey, one of our goals is to stop off at ten locations to speak at schools about potential job losses to digital disruption and to encourage Ecommerce so that we can bypass expensive supermarkets. We will also identify the leaders who will help us find the land where we want to build more of these Innovation Villages.

The Leaderless team has already identified the first piece of land where they want to build the pilot Decentralised Innovation Village for Social Entrepreneurs. Similar to the Sustainability Institute and Babylon Storen, food grown at these Innovation Villages will feed the local community as well as the village itself.

The criteria for each piece of land.

  • Close to water to build vertical farms.
  • Close to the fibre line for internet access.
  • Close enough to feed a community of people.
  • Close enough to travel to and learn at.

In 2018, we flew up to see Professor Mark Post about bringing his cultured Mosameat technology into the Innovation Villages. Cattle farming is one of the biggest polluters of our planet and it is warming up quickly so we have to find alternative food sources that do not put strain on the very planet that is meant to sustain us.

That which we cannot grow, we’re going to ask farmers to deliver direct to the Innovation Villages using ecommerce which is why it is so important they be there for the talks.

Spark Schools has already flown down to come see the land and are currently assessing the viability of setting up there which will serve the local children. Last but not least, the land just so happens to be right next to an already established Leadership programme called Eagles Rising.

Check out the team’s photos in the gallery below.

The Purpose:

The recce team’s job in July is start on #MandelaDay and follow the Leaderless​ #LongRideToFreedom fibre optic route of 2830km to gather intel for the ride in September, to raise money for #Decentralised #Sustainable #Innovation Villages, take photos and have lots of fun! Our mission to help pivot and entire country into the #4iR (#4iRSA).   Fundraising: The funds we raise will build Innovation Villages for Social Entrepreneurs – we appreciate your donation here – longridetofreedom.com/support/donate   The recce team: Mark from Cycle The Cape who is helping Leaderless plan this ride, put together a team of strong riders to collect as much information as possible for marketing and logistics purposes for the ride in September 2019. Ian Privett​, Mark Lawson, Kurt Stemmert, Shanel Munger​ The recce team’s rides. KTM Bike Industries​, Merlin CyclesBianchi SCOTT Sports​   Our incredible sponsors: FTTX Council Africa​, Le-Coquin​, Ecommerce Forum Africa​, RETZA – Classic Enfield Tours South Africa​, Freedom Won, Vane​, Cycle the Cape​, Bicycle Adventure Club​, Fellows of Fire, Peach Payments​  

Stats for from Ian Privett’s Garmin for the day.


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