Day 2 – July 19th – 200km Standerton to Piet Retief

Day 2 and the Recce Riders organising the Long Ride To Freedom hit the road this morning at -3 degrees Celsius from Standerton to Piet Retief - a distance of 200km! The mission: to gather intel, raise money for Innovation Villages, take photos and have lots of fun!

Along the way, they had a quick interview with the local newspaper, The Recorder at Wimpy, pit stopped for Brian The Transporter's "Tinned Loaf" and Kurtalicious' butterfly effect caused headwinds in other parts of the world. The African sun shone through the deep cracks of winter from Wimpy onwards where they met with a 5th cyclist, mingled with the kids from Thema Family Center and finally fell into the Air Relax sponsored by North Cliff Cycles.

Our mission is to help an entire country prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. On this route, we follow the fibre optic line in collaboration with the Fibre Council Of South Africa and identify land where we want to build Decentralised Sustainable Innovation Villages for Social Entrepreneurs who use their profits for purpose and meaning in order for us to clean up our planet quickly of the mess we have made in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions.

The ride in September will be far slower, will encourage riders from all walks of life and start the Next Chapter of humanity filled with compassion and understanding of our humanity. We can no longer pit our egos against the power of Artificial Intelligence, it's time to let go and be human.

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Stats for from Ian Privett's Garmin for the day.