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Day 3 – July 20th – 233km eMkhondo, MP (Piet Retief) to Ulundi

Day 3 - 20 July 2019 - 233Km - we have 545 weeks left until 1 January 2030 to make significant changes to our planet and this is what the recce team is helping us achieve - creating awareness!

With the information collected, we will ride the Long Ride To Freedom again in September and stop off at ten locations to educate students about technologies such as Blockchain, Internet Of Things, Artificial Intellgence and Automation to name a few that will replace certain jobs and what kinds of jobs we can create to save out planet.
We believe it is a great time to be alive. We believe we should encourage the Fourth Industrial Revolution to take over the mundane repetitive jobs nobody likes doing so that we can explore all of our other hidden talents whilst cleaning up our planet in the process.
From eMkhondo, MP (Piet Retief) to Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal, the recce team passed from the province of Mpumalanga to KwaZulu-Natal. Wimpy it seems to be a regular stop to refuel!
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July Ride Purpose:

The recce team's job in July is start on #MandelaDay and follow the Leaderless#LongRideToFreedom fibre optic route of 2830km to gather intel for the ride in September, to raise money for #Decentralised #Sustainable #Innovation Villages, take photos and have lots of fun! Our mission to help pivot and entire country into the #4iR (#4iRSA).
September Ride Purpose:
In September we bring together farmers, students, software developers and virtual assistants to learn about digital disruption, what it is, why it is happening and how we can harness disruption to clean up our planet. A very strong focus will be on Blockchain technology and Ecommerce so that we can bypass expensive supermarkets. We will deliver books from the World Economic Forum as well as other material
The funds we raise will build Innovation Villages for Social Entrepreneurs - we appreciate your donation here -
The recce team:
Mark from Cycle The Cape who is helping Leaderless plan this ride, put together a team of strong riders to collect as much information as possible for marketing and logistics purposes for the ride in September 2019.
The recce team's rides.
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Stats for from Ian Privett's Garmin for the day.