Join as cycling club, organisation or company

We're asking South Africans to push hard for the adoption of cycling for us to help fight corruption and clean up our planet. We will do this in the following ways.

  • Approach every cycling club, company, and organisation in the country to help us fight for more cycling lanes.
  • Open up the left lane of roads, usually reserved for emergencies to allow the movement of e-commerce bicycles and e-bikes.  We can create many new jobs by adopting e-commerce. (which we're doing over at the Ecommerce Forum Africa)
  • Build more bike lanes, including the conversion of old train tracks into new cycling lanes.

Please complete the form and nominate another cycling company or organisation you would like us to contact. The only way we will weather the storms of digital disruption will be through collaboration over competition. The financial world is being disrupted incredibly fast now that technologies like Blockchain cuts out the banks and now that everyone is being forced into the digital age and will have the knowledge to do just about anything themselves.

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