A digital education journey to encourage collaboration over competition

The Long Ride To Freedom Goals

We've set very big goals to achieve for ourselves at Leaderless and the Long Ride To Freedom is one of the projects we are undertaking to help shift an entire nation's thinking into a world where we choose to use our profits for the benefit of all humanity.

Digtial Disruption Education

The goal of the Long Ride To Freedom is to stop off at ten locations and speak about digital disruption. These talks will be held at town schools or town halls and will invite very specific groups of people.

  • Farmers: To educate them and show them how we can use Ecommerce to bypass expensive supermarkets and clean up our planet in the process
  • Learners: To educate the learners about the kinds of jobs that will be lost to digital¬† disruption
  • Virtual Assistants: To help the Ecommerce Forum Africa sell the Trustmark that will validatee new ecommerce stores.
  • Software developers: Small web agencies and Blockchain developers - to identify the leaders who will help us build these Innovation Villages.

Ecommerce Trust

It's simple. If you want to help prevent corruption, stop the flow of petrol that lines the pockets of corrupt officials. Whilst we do that, we clean up our planet as well.

We're inviting all cycling groups to...

  • Encourage cycling of South Africans
  • Push government to put focus on on the adoption of cycling.
    • Opening up the left hand lane and keep this reserved for cyclists, especially ecommerce deliveries.
    • Convert unused railroad tracks into cycling tracks.
    • Encourage more cycling routes in inner cities.

If the Dutch were able to make this happen, so too can we as South Africans.


Although there is a lot of cycling in South Africa, we don't have a lot of long distance cycling happening like they do across Canada.

Our goal at the Long Ride To Freedom is to open up long distance cycling to overseas visitors who want to explore our amazing country.

Innovation Villages

The funds raised from the Long Ride To Freedom will build Innovation Villages for Social Entrepreneuers who use their profits for purpose. We're going to build ten along the route following the fibre optic line. More details here