Mindful & heartful networks are building technology villages to shift a nation into the digital age to prevent job losses and regenerate our planet


Since 2015, the social enterprise, Leaderless (named after the book, “The Leaderless Revolution” where ordinary people take back power and make positive change by resolving existing problems) has been working with multiple networks of people to build sustainable innovation villages.

The innovation villages are home to all who want to solve existing challenges we face and a place where ideas for a mindful life will be born and cultivated. The innovation villages will run along a 3000km fiber-optic network called the Long Ride To Freedom. Digital agencies are coming together to use their profits for purpose and ensure the ongoing sustainability of these villages.

The non-profit is ready to move to the implementation phase and has budgeted for an amount of R160 000 pm to do so. We need your help in this implementation phase. You will be helping ensure a sustainable, mindful life for all.