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Long Ride to Freedom for sustainable living

Fundraising Goal: R5.5m

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Help us build our first decentralised sustainable innovation village

Donate to build decentralised sustainable innovation villages.  Similar to the Sustainability Institute that's been running for 20 years, funds will support 150 Social Entrepreneurs who understand that collaboration over competition and purpose over profit is how we will weather the storm of job losses of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

These Decentralised Sustainable Innovation Villages will become as self sustaining as possible, feeding themselves and their local community by growing organic food to feed the local community in their areas first using Ecommerce, thereby cutting out expensive supermarkets.

We will fill these Innovation Villages with as much technology as possible to see what living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution might be like. We will build vertical farms that grow food without pesticides and managed by automation. We will build collective Blockchain supply chains to ensure food security. We will build devices that ensure that food is healthy to eat. All of this, we will collectively do as a nation.

The Social Entrepreneurs living and working at these Innovation Villages will teach other Social Entrepreneurs at the Innovation Hubs and Schools for children how to use technology to take extreme ownership of their own lives and not wait on poor service delivery, corruption and greed.

We have specifically chosen this route for the Long Ride To Freedom, because it follows the Fibre Route where we want to build many more of the Decentralised Sustainable Innovation Villages. Together with the Fibre Council of South Africa, we will bring fibre into these innovation villages to ensure that access to the Internet allows Social Entrepreneurs to research and collaborate to find new ideas to implement in the projects we collectively create.

Each Social Entrepreneur is his/her own boss but together, we work on projects that fight corruption and cleans up the mess we made in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions.

Donations and sponsorship are used to build these Decentralised Sustainable Innovation Villages into Africa where we will grow Ecommerce into Africa so that more people can begin selling products of purpose and meaning.

If you would like to donate, please use the banking details for Leaderless, the Non Profit Company organizing the Long Ride To Freedom.(Registration Number 2018 / 239061 / 08)