Purpose Of The Long Ride To Freedom

Join the Long Ride To Freedom from Johannesburg to Cape Town to raise awareness about our need to collaborate.  We want to build Decentralized Sustainable Innovation Villages to protect potential joblessness.

The Long Ride to Freedom was started by Leaderless — a disruptive education platform teaching people how to take ownership of their own lives.  This philosophy is based on using the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by building Ecommerce and Blockchain trust.

Inspired by two quotes:

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

John F. Kennedy

To continue Madiba's incredible message of hope and courage for a South Africa.  We will, without fail, live in an environment that is free of crime, poverty and prejudice.

For the first time in our lives, we have enough technology capable of closing the gap between the rich and the poor. Our goal is to travel down the coast of South Africa along the fibre route and educate people. Informing them of technologies that are coming. Teaching them about what they need to learn and how they can take ownership of their own lives.

Encourage collaboration over competition. This is the only way that we will be able to survive in a world where robots.   Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation and 3D printing and more will remove jobs as we know them.

2800 Kilometers may seem a long way, but you will blink and it will be done.  You will wish for it all over again. It is the same with life, slow down and enjoy the journey.

What The Funds Will Be Used For

We plan to build Decentralized Sustainable Innovation Villages along the coast of South Africa.  Social Entrepreneurs can live and teach other people how to use their profits for purpose to give meaning to more people's lives.

Educational talks will be hosted along the route in towns where will invite the students of the school, local farmers, ecommerce developers, virtual assistants and local tourism offices.

In collaboration with the Fibre Council Of South Africa and the Ecommerce Forum Africa, these Decentralised Innovation Villages will be built along the fibre route of South Africa.  It will ensure that Social Entrepreneurs have all the access to the internet they need to be able to create jobs. Help clean up the mess we made in the first, second and third industrial revolutions.

Help us raise the funds we need to build the first pilot decentralised sustainable innovation village

Fundraising Goal: R5.5m

We're raising R5.5 million for the land where we want to build the first pilot decentralized sustainable innovation village in Cape Town South Africa.

Total Raised:

The team

James van der Hoven runs Leaderless

James van der Hoven runs Leaderless, the Non Profit Company that teaches people how to use the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to take extreme ownership of their own lives.

A public speaker and education enthusiast, James will join the journey to ensure more South Africans are made aware of the changes happening around us.

Mark Lawson owns and runs Cycle The Cape; a cycling company specialising in tours in South Africa

Mark Lawson owns and runs Cycle The Cape; a cycling company specialising in tours in South Africa, Lesoth and Botswana. Mark has years of experience and has graciously offered up his time to help organise this event.

Buhle Madlala is an entrepreneur who owns CPM Events and Consulting involved in event management and impact investment consulting

Buhle Madlala is an entrepreneur who owns CPM Events and Consulting involved in event management and impact investment consulting. She is director at The Brand Factory a boutique agency specializing in brand strategy, engagements and activations. Also co-founder of National Cycling Academy Forum, a NPC representing 38 cycling development academies nationwide advocating for inclusion driving transformation challenges within cycling. She is the recipient of the 2019 Mail & Guardian Top 100 Women Changing SA. From humble beginnings Buhle is a SURVIVOR - Season 5 runner up who has become a global citizen and now regularly travels to diverse destinations fulfilling her passion for adventure and the outdoors.

Lebohang Likhojane is a public speaker and owner of SmartSentials.co.za

Lebohang Likhojane is a public speaker and owner of SmartSentials.co.za. Lebo's goals are to continue to grow his business and help more Social Entrepreneurs to launch their own online businesses.

As public speaker, Lebo will hold talks in many of South Africa's languages to reach a wider population.

Dr. Adheesh Budree is one of the founders of FellowsOfFire.co.za

Dr. Adheesh Budree is one of the founders of FellowsOfFire.co.za - a get-away event of professionals who come together twice a year to use their networks to help improve the situation in South Africa.

Adheesh also presents lectures on Ecommerce at the University of Cape Town.

Alastair Tempest is the CEO of the Ecommerce Forum Africa.

Alastair Tempest is the CEO of the Ecommerce Forum Africa. Alastair joins the team to speak about Ecommerce and the potential for new jobs created out of the industry.